Morohashi Museum of Modern Art

28 June - 7 November 2021


Outline of the Exhibition:

It has been about 1 year since the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. In order to overcome global threats, new lifestyles have been proposed, and the lifestyles, including work and entertainment, are undergoing major changes. In the midst of this, the existence of museums is also facing various challenges, and they are continuing their activities by searching for a new way of being a place to meet the culture inherited from the past and as a place to discover diverse values.

In this exhibition, we introduce the spiritual activities and artistic expressions that resulted from daily changes in the 20 century, focusing on the works of Salvador Dali and Surrealism among the Morohashi Museum of Modern Art's collections, and through the works of PJ Crook, we compare life before 2020 and the present life.

In addition, 2 pieces, "Stepping Out" and "Metamorphoses" (both by PJ Crook) newly added to our growing Collection in 2019 will be shown for the first time.


Film setting up the exhibition


Film description of the exhibition


The Three Sphinxes of Bikini

Salvador Dali (1947), oil on canvas


PJ Crook (2018) tinted gesso on wood





本展覧会では諸橋近代美術館のコレクションの中からサルバドール・ダリの他、シュルレアリスムの作品を中心に、20世紀において日常の転換から生じた精神活動や芸術表現を紹介するとともに、PJ クルックの作品群を通して2020年以前と現在の生活を比較します。

また、2019年に当館コレクションへ新たに加わった《ステッピング・アウト》、《メタモルフォーゼ》(ともにPJ クルック)の2点を初公開します。


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2021年7月13日(火)~11月7日(日) ∥会期中無休∥


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